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Summer Dream
Summer Dream
Summer Dream
Summer Dream

Summer Dream #D364

17 gr.
Rating 4.8 out of 5 from over 1000 customers.
  • Striking Vibrancy Striking Vibrancy
    Dive into a world of rich, mesmerizing shades.
  • Flawless Finish Flawless Finish
    The ultra-fine powder ensures a smooth, even coat every time.
  • Economical Choice Economical Choice
    A single jar promises up to 9 months of dazzling manicures.
  • Instant Set Instant Set
    No waiting around, it sets in a blink.

Note: For an accurate shade representation, refer to the second photo.

$20.90 $16.90
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Payment methods
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Delivery up to 4-5 day/days
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Delivery is free for orders over 100 .

See how it's done

If you haven't used DipMe before, this video is just for you! Take advantage of our tips to achieve optimal results.

See detailed instructions #The Beginner's Guide
Why Use Our Activating Liquids?

What are the activating liquids used for?

DipMe Base: The first step to nail nirvana DipMe Base: The first step to nail nirvana Provides maximum smoothness to the nail.
$20.90 $16.90
Magic Activator: The secret sauce Magic Activator: The secret sauce Performs the curing of the mixture of powder and liquid without the need of an LED / UV lamp.
$19.90 $15.90
Shiny Top Coat: Seal the deal with a gleam Shiny Top Coat: Seal the deal with a gleam Provides long-lasting shine and protects the nail from external sources.
$20.90 $16.90
Brush Life Extender: Keep your brushes fresh and ready Brush Life Extender: Keep your brushes fresh and ready Cleans and dissolves unwanted residues that harden the bristles of the brushes
$19.90 $15.90
Nourishing Vitamin Oil: A drop of goodness Nourishing Vitamin Oil: A drop of goodness Cares for the cuticles by nourishing and softening them.
$19.90 $15.90


Dip With Style And Ease 4 SIMPLE STEPS


1 Apply base

2 Apply Activator

3 Finish with top coat


Tips & Tricks for long-lasting mani



After filing your nails, make sure to clean the nail surface from any debris by using a lint-free wipe with alchohol



Moisten a cotton pad with alcohol (soak a cotton pad in alcohol) or disinfectant and rub it on your nails and whole fingers. This ensures that you will not seal any bacteria on your nails.



Before dipping the nail in the powder, it is important to stir the powder in order to mix it well. Dip the nail into the powder for 20 seconds



To seal the powder on your nails you need to apply an activator. It is applied just like an ordinary nail polish and is left to dry for 5 seconds per layer.



The top coat is applied as a regular nail polish and is left to dry for 2 minutes. It is important to keep your fingers still so that the powder surface on your nail remains even.

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@samanthablack 🇺🇸 Verified Customer

Although I love getting my nails done at the salon, it's expensive and because of COVID, it's hard to go out now:( I love how I can get my nails done so easily with this kit and to the way I want my nails to look like. the instructions are so easy to follow and the result is sooo cute. I highly recommend this!! also I've had it for two weeks already and it's still the same.

@gracehamilton 🇺🇸 Verified Customer

I have never done dipped nails, but I work in the emergency room and was looking for a nail polish that wouldn't chip with all the hand washing and using hand sanitizer! I bought this kit and it was great! It came with all the directions and very easy to use. My nails never chipped and looked great from day one to day ten! The colors are great and pop out! I definitely would stick with this kit and buy more colors!!!!

@hanacollins 🇺🇸 Verified Customer

LOVE this dipped nail kit!! Super easy to follow and looks like I got my nails done at the salon. Really good alternative for gel nails and is better for your nails. Highly recommend!

@penelopecunningham 🇺🇸 Verified Customer

The instructions on how to use the kit are very clear and helpful, and each product is clearly labeled. The colors of the powders are so pretty. It was really easy to use, even better than normal nail polish since it dried fast and there was no mess. My nails looked great and the polish stayed on for a long time without ruining the health of my natural nails. I would really recommend this product to everyone!

@mariamcarr 🇺🇸 Verified Customer

I just started doing my nails and this kit came with everythingggg. The powder colors are flattering and unique, and you get a REALLY good bang for your buck with the amount of product you get in them. I've had my nails done for about a week now and I don't have any chipping so that's a huge plus too!!

@pollyevans 🇺🇸 Verified Customer

This is my first dipping set. I liked that it came with everything you need to do your nails and it was cheaper than other sets I looked at. The colors are a little brighter than I thought but not a dealbreaker for me. This was so EASY to put on. They have a youtube video you can watch to do it one way and an instruction card that shows you another method. Everything stays in the box so I don't have to find another box or case to put everything in.

@minniegriffiths 🇺🇸 Verified Customer

This nail kit is just wonderful – I love it!! I have never done my own dip nails before, but the set and instructions made the process incredibly easy! The bottles are labeled clearly, and the steps were SO easy to follow!

@taylorroberts 🇺🇸 Verified Customer

I’ve never been a nail polish addict as I always would struggle applying nail polish evenly and get it smudged... acrylics and gel never were a thing for me because they damage my nails so much, that it takes 2 weeks for them to heal and recover. I decided to try Dipme dip powder kit. Honestly, I felt in love! It’s very easy to use, dries quickly, and stays strong for a long time. Excited about getting another Dipme dip powder set but in different colors!

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What exactly is the dipping system?

It's a cutting-edge method for durable, high-quality manicures using dip powder, offering an alternative to traditional gel or acrylic nails.

Is it safe to use the dipping system?

Absolutely! It's especially safer than gel polish since no UV lamp is needed. You can refresh your manicure monthly as your nails grow.

How often should I use the dipping system?

Once a month is ideal, aligning with natural nail growth and manicure maintenance.

Can I use the dipping system at home?

Yes, it's designed for both salon and home use.

Where can I find application instructions?

Every order comes with detailed instructions. Alternatively, check our instructions page.

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